Saturday, November 16, 2013

Foggy day.

All week our weatherman had predicted a nice weekend.  He was correct only in that the temperature is a pleasant 50 degrees.  He was incorrect about any sun.  Today was totally gray and foggy, and it drizzled most of the day.
But not to let it get me down, I figured the fog might give me a great opportunity to capture those three trees I feel in love with last weekend without the clutter of the city being visible.
And it worked! 
The top two shots are with my Lensbaby (first shot is with the plastic optic, second shot is with the Edge 80).  The third shot is with my 'regular' 16-85 mm lens.  The river was actually flowing just enough that there wasn't much of a reflection visible, so I'll have to keep trying for that perfect shot, but I really quite like what I captured.

There was also a grain elevator (at least I think I'm using the terminology correctly??)  right across the street from the river and trees.  The fog made for an interesting scene and I liked that is was full up with corn accentuating the time of year the photo was taken.

It is supposed to be gray with a mix of rain and snow tomorrow, but I've got an '11' and a 'glass' challenge to be working on, so hopefully I can come up a few ideas and get out and shoot.
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