Saturday, November 9, 2013

South Dakota Countryside

This morning I wandered just a few miles outside of Watertown, then turned off the main highway onto a dirt road. (I love late fall/early winter trees.  Without their leaves they are a bit wild and dark looking.  Today  I wanted to see if I could find some cool photos of trees.)

Who knew how rural it could get, and what luck I could have, just one mile off the beaten path?

I love the giant tire out in the middle of nowhere.  Why is it there?

And next up 'The Rural Stop Sign.'  I've been wondering where one goes to practice shooting, and now I know.  You just drive around the countryside and aim at signs.  Can do!

It is probably one of the last lovely days in South Dakota before winter really sets in.  (I say lovely despite the 20 - 25 mph winds.  But a stocking hat helped and as you can see the winds were not apparent in my photos since it was partly sunny so I could use fast shutter action on my camera.)

Heading out shortly to see what else I can find. 

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