Monday, November 4, 2013

Pumpkins in a wagon.

One of my goals for photos is to capture interesting, seasonally related photos that I can rotate into frames around the house to help highlight the season.

My mom has this neat photo of pumpkins in an old, gray cart.  It's a fabulous photo.  So I wanted a photo like that!

I came across a neighborhood in Watertown where they've got a wagon full of pumpkins.  My first photo-shoot out there was around a month ago.  I tried my Lensbaby lenses but none of the photos looked good.  So I ventured back out and tried again with a more traditional lens.

I desaturated in Photoshop and came up a photo I really kind of liked because it made the wagon look a little more old-timey.  Below is how the wagon looked in real-life.

It's not terrible, but none of the photos I captured left me feeling excited or particularly interested either.  But I am pretty happy with the processed version at the top.  Thanks Topaz! 

Tonight I am playing around with photographing candy and S-curves.  Stay tuned!

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