Sunday, November 3, 2013

The search for leaves.

The DPChallenge presented the group with a 'fall foliage' challenge.  But unlike most challenges where you have just a couple of days to capture a winner, this challenge was a month long.

On the upside, during that month I was able to determine that my main lens for shooting these types of photos was broken.  I had time to replace and try out the new lens.

I think I have been on at least five outings where I have been looking for pretty and/or unique scenes. 

And yet still I remain slightly dissatisfied.  I am aiming for beautiful and unique.  The tree full of yellow leaves below is pretty, as is my giant tree with red leaves.  But I suspect there will photos of entire countrysides with trees full of color, so I'm not sure one lone tree from me will be enough to make a decent showing.  (There will also be those who capture the one lone tree, but they will have sun rays shining stunningly through the branches.  I did not capture anything that magical.)

Then I found some sort of sad-looking leaves, often the last leaf on the branch.  Not bad.  Not beautiful, but maybe original at least.

Or here is a still dirty-but-red leaf that has fallen.

Then there were these gorgeous, almost fluorescent green leaves with just the start of some red.  These might have been fantastic shots had I been able to get a whole shot in focus.  (It was a typical South Dakota windy day, winds of 20 mph. No matter of quick my shutter, always some blur.  Darn it.)

Finally I captured some shots looking up into the trees.  Who knows what will turn out a winner once I get home and can view on the big computer screen.  

Pretty much all I'm striving for is a 5.  (The range is 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.)  I am just thrilled when my photo is at least 'average'.  But even getting this score during voting can be tough.

Not sure what I'll choose yet.  There are still ten days remaining in the challenge, although most of the fall colors near me have now either turned to brown or have blown off onto the ground.

But thanks mother-nature for giving me some brilliantly colored outings this fall!

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