Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Meet the cast.

I have seen a number of folks who photograph Lego Minifigures.  Some put Lego Minifigures in interesting scenes while others recreate famous photographs with them.   I am a fan of this kind of work, and as an adult who has indulged in the joy that is Legos, I thought maybe I too would have fun adding them into my photography.

So day 1.  Here's the gang.  (At least some of the gang.  I pulled most of my favorites out of their 'Lego scene' just to see what my different lenses would do with them.) 

First up my 16-85 mm lens.  The light's not perfect - I'm using the overhead dining room light, a happy light, and a small headlamp - so it's not ideal but I'm learning here.  It's hard to know what works and what doesn't until I see it on the computer screen.

Oh, and yeah, this is the most in focus I got all of them in one shot.  I played, briefly, with decreasing my aperture, but frankly those looked worse.  Excuse coming...  I had only about 30 minutes to play around tonight, so worked really quickly to try out all my lenses.  (Focusing on good content will be later.  Apparently.  Since I didn't even come close tonight.)

Next up my Edge 80 Lensbaby.  Interesting.  I was not successful in getting one group in a diagonal line that was exactly in focus, but I came close. That was enough for me tonight.  (I seem to have trouble with manual focus.  My next camera will have a larger viewfinder and a larger screen which is said will help my focus ability.  I suspect it won't be some magical sort of improvement in my ability to get the focus right.  Mostly I think I need to keep practicing.)

I tried getting the front guys in focus in this shot, sort of got it - but you can see on the backend of my photo I actually photographed off the edge of my 'stage'.  Nice going.

I love my Lego fisherman, and thought he would be cute with the Lego mermaid behind him.  Notice my issue with the background again.  (But cute idea yes?)

Here is my Lensbaby Plastic lens.  I like how everything has kind of an otherworldly vibe.  Nothing is in sharp focus, which bugs a lot of folks, but it's actually the point of the lens and it can work perfectly in the right situation.  (I'm not sure this is the exact right situation, but again, just playing around here.)

So now I just have to come up with inspiration for a photo with one or more of these little guys.  Plus I think I need more Minifigures.  Have you seen the chicken suit guy?  Awesome!

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