Thursday, September 12, 2013

A little bit random.


Cooler weather has finally arrived and boy am I happy about that.  Hopefully fall is here.  As I breathed in the crisp air my energy level went up and I went a little photo crazy today. 

First is my favorite pic from the day - flowers from our neighbor's garden.  Still pretty. Photographed here with my Lensbaby Plastic lens.  (These flowers remind me of morning glories, but I'm not 100% sure - are they?)

I get to travel to Duluth, MN this weekend and needed to get my oil changed before I left.  Check out this cute little guy I found while in the waiting room...

My cat's energy seemed to skyrocket as well when the temperatures dropped.  I was playing around with Ellie and caught this fun photo of her as my 'ghost cat'.

Finally, I wanted to try a few more shots of my colored pencils.  Changing the background improved the shot a bit, although I couldn't find any white paper to use so I still think I can do better. Probably you'll see this again someday!

I won't post again until Monday night, but I am hoping to get some amazing shots during my visit to the North Shore Lake Superior in northern Minnesota.  (My favorite place!)  So I should have good photos to share.  See you then.

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