Tuesday, September 24, 2013



And what a fun afternoon!  Despite feeling a bit of pressure because it was the last day to submit a photo in the DP Challenge "Barns, Farms, and Rural Landscapes," I remained determined to keep trying right down to the deadline if necessary.  Really, I couldn't find a rural photo worthy of submitting to the challenge?  I live in South Dakota for goodness sake, one of the most rural states in our great country, how can this be so hard?

I had a plan of taking yet another route home from work then stopping at any landscape view that seemed interesting.   But before I got to my planned exit I happened to glance at some windmills in the distance.  (Windmills I rarely take notice of even though I think they're awesome.  Many days they just blend into background.  Thankfully today they stood out.)

I decided that windmills would definitely make my photo unique so I turned my car the opposite direction from what I had planned and just drove towards the windmills.   After about 5 miles I turned on a gravel road that I hoped would get me close.  It took about three more miles, but suddenly I knew I had my shot. 

This shot is with my beloved Lensbaby.  I loved how the concept of renewable, and how our state's contribution to renewable was represented by this photo.

I also love hay bales and just a quarter mile down the road I was able to capture this beauty.    

From watching other photo challenges on DP Challenge over the past year, it appears that 'blurred' photos aren't always the favorite and so I also got a few shots with my regular telephoto lens.  (Plus it is hard to tell on the camera screen how well my Lensbaby shots come out, so I figured I would try to have a 'safe' shot that I knew I liked.)

I feel like a champion.  Finally staying focused enough to capture a shot I knew I could find, plus overcoming my fears and starting to participate with the photography community. 

See on.

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