Sunday, September 8, 2013

Watertown Car Show.

Day  two with my Lensbaby, and a Saturday which means I have free time to play.  Turned out there was a car show in town and while I do not typically have much interest in cars, my father-in-law brought his car down and with all the bright colors and old fashioned cars I figured I could capture something interesting.

I even had one guy who owned a Ford Galaxie ask if I was a professional.  Sorry, nope.  But I had been photographing his car for about five minutes because I loved the color so he asked if I would send him anything I got.  He said he always appreciated seeing his car through someone else's eye.  How about that.  (So I tried extra hard for another few minutes trying to get a great photograph.)

These first three are my favorite Lensbaby shots, although if I hadn't told you I was at a car show, I suspect the content of the first picture would have been a mystery.  (Or maybe it still is?  There was a maroon car next to a yellow car next to a white car.  I kind of blurred everything rather than leaving a spot in focus.  But I really enjoyed the colors and spots of lights that came through.)

There were, of course, tons of people walking all around.  Had there been less people there would have been all sorts of fabulous shots of gorgeous cars sitting by one another, but the shot below was my only shot of a group of cars with very few people.  Awesome colors!

Here is the probably the best shot I got of the Ford Galaxie.  I think this was shot with a 'regular' lens rather than my Lensbaby.  I did not have success creating any shots of this car with the blur of a Lensbaby

For some reason I liked this shot.  The gray car was so strong looking, kind of reminded me of Doc Hudson from the Cars movie, although I'm not really sure why.
The front red car in the shot below is my father-in-law's '65 Corvette.  This was the best shot I got of his car, all of the others shots were just a bad blur.  (Sorry.)  But it's a great car.  Very shiny!

Wishing you a day filled with bright and shiny!
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