Friday, September 6, 2013

My new Lensbaby.

So between the summer heat, where I avoid being outside as much as possible, a switch to a new job, and just a slight lack of excitement about taking photos - I haven't looked hard for photos or even taken many shots in the past month.

Earlier this week I decided to try and kick start my brain's creativity and reignite my excitement for my photography hobby with a Lensbaby Lens.   My mom brought these lenses to my attention a while back.  I hesitated because with my camera, a Nikon D5100, I have to shoot completely in manual mode in order to use the Lensbaby.  Plus use of a Lensbaby requires manual focus, and I just wasn't sure my eyes were up to manual focus.

The ability to shoot unique and creative photos finally won out and I got a great deal by ordering through the Lensbaby website.  I got a book on Lensbaby and poured over the pictures to find my favorites.  I kept leaning toward the Composer Pro lense with the double glass optic.  (Which is a less expensive and slightly older option - but I just liked the blur in those pictures better.)  Plus I picked up the optic kit and the accessory kit. 

I am very intrigued by the pinhole optic - hello Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day - I've got seven months to practice until I can post my photo for all the world :)

With the accessory kit I also got some macro lenses, a wide angle, and telephoto attachment to expand my options. 

After a rough first hour when I was convinced my camera could not shoot with the flash in Manual - google fail - the lenbaby website mentioned the custom menu where I quickly figured out how to use my flash.  No successful pictures my first day, but today, day two, boy did I get a couple of beauties.  I couldn't believe that full manual, an odd, bendy lense, and yet I loved the uniqueness in what I captured.

I am just thrilled with my fountain photo.  Especially for day two with Lensbaby, first venture out shooting in full manual.  Sure felt like creative success! (I can see how that I did not quite capture the top of the fountain, but I still love the photo.)

I think this is the flare that I read about.  Whoops I wasn't paying attention to the location of the sun.  But I kind of like it!
This last picture was some awesome twisty grapevine.  I loved how there is mystery for what is behind the branches.

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