Saturday, September 28, 2013


Fall is apple season, and nothing tastes better than freshly picked apples.  I've been wanting to visit an apple orchard, but the closest one is about two hours away and my schedule has not allowed me the free time to fit it in yet.

But on my walk this morning, what did I see just two blocks from my house?  An apple tree with tons of apples.  It was a just crab apple tree, but the apples sure looked delicious - like miniature Fuji apples.   I did not however, pick any to eat.  Good thing I had one apple left at home to enjoy.

I caught photos of the apples right after a rain using my favorite Lensbaby lens. 

They sure look good enough to eat. 

I might be able to make a visit to the apple orchard to pick some of my own next weekend when we are visiting Sioux Falls.  (Although it is harvest festival day on Saturday, which means tons of people and kids - but maybe I can borrow a niece or nephew and still grab some neat photographs.)  This orchard also has a pumpkin patch and I also want some pictures of pumpkins for my fall collection. 

See on.

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