Monday, September 23, 2013

Dream state.

Today I drove the long way home trying to find a rural photograph to take.  (DP Challenge has a "farm, barn, or landscape" challenge and how can I live in South Dakota and yet not manage to submit a photo?)  And yet I was unsuccessful yesterday and today.  Tomorrow is my last chance. 

Part of my hesitation was my lack of familiarity with how to take a landscape shot with my Lensbaby.  I know the zone plate and pinhole optics will do a good job, but what will a pleasing composition look like with those lenses? 

So tonight after supper I headed out to the back yard to try the optics out.  The neighbors have this neat, old shed - and this time of year it is still surrounded by foliage.  I figured it would do.  And I was actually really pleased.


Except for the dust spots I thought the photos were neat.  Darn dust.  I just had my sensor cleaned two weeks ago, and I cleaned the others parts just last weekend although I admit I wasn't exactly sure how to do it properly. (For today's photos I chose the two photos that showed the least dust, but if you are able to double click and get larger pictures you'll see in the upper left quadrant some dark spots - that's the dust.)

If I can find a good shot tomorrow I guess I'll also have to improve my photoshop skills in order to remove those imperfections since I suspect I won't get the issue resolved before tomorrow's photo session. 

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