Sunday, September 8, 2013


This shot was actually taken Friday morning on my drive to work.  I often come across lovely sunrises, but this I had never seen before.  The clouds must have been perfect to show off rays of light emanating from the sun.  It was spectacular. 

I hate pulling over to the side of the interstate for photos - I try to wait until I get to an exit so at least cars aren't whizzing by me at 85 mph.  But I've learned with the sun that you have sometimes just a couple of minutes before it moves enough that the beauty is gone.  So I pulled over.  But this time the angle of the shot was such that I could just roll down my window and capture the view.

I had more Lensbaby fun at a car show yesterday, but Ellie cat is laying on my foot trying desperately to get my attention, so I'm going to go play with her for a bit then I'll be back and will post again.

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