Sunday, October 6, 2013

Experiment with a candle flame.

The best laid plans...

I had until 11 pm tonight to enter the photo challenge for "The Beginning of the End".  Mother nature gave me several days of rain last week so farmers weren't out in their fields much, and I never found the opportunity to attempt to capture the combining of a last row of corn.

Photographing the last chapter of a book or the T of 'The End' somewhere wasn't the favorite of my ideas so I did not make it to the library to look for a nice book that had some sort of 'finale' or last chapter or some ending I could try and photograph.

So last minute I came up with the idea to see if I could capture a neat image of a candle flame being extinguished.

I submitted the middle photo since it was the most obvious picture of the flame being blown out which seemed to match the challenge.  But I really like the top photo too.

A nice end to the weekend!  It might not be the sharpest photo (I used my Lensbaby with macro attachment, and I was a tad rushed) and I'm sure I did not have the focus absolutely perfect, but once again trying and following through all the way to submitting a photo felt pretty darn good. 

With darkness coming earlier and earlier, this winter might be my winter to work on my 'studio' skills.  Tonight at least gives me hope that I can do it.

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