Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cats and rubber bands.

A weekend at home.  My dear husband is working on trim in our spare room, and so I'm spending my weekend working on my photography skill. 

Before you scold me for not helping with the house project, know that this trim project has been ongoing for more than a year.  I was of the opinion we should hire someone to do the work despite knowing it wouldn't be done too perfection.  My husband wanted the room done to perfection and so I leave him to it. 

Plus I have a ton of photo challenges on my plate, and what better than a cold, sunny weekend day to shoot pictures.  The challenges I'm working on include rubber bands, fall foliage, and phobias.  First up, rubber bands.  I found some awesome, colorful rubber bands and was hoping to get my cats excited about playing with them.

(And do not worry, the cats were fully supervised around the rubber bands and they did not ingest any of them.)

I'm not sure any of these are challenge worthy, but I am a fan of a shot I got with colored pencils.

I will play around some more tomorrow.

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