Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall fog.

A fabulous fall storm rolled into the area last night.  The eastern side of the state is just being inundated with rain while the western part of the state is under a huge winter storm - crazy - it is only October 4th mother nature.

But I'm okay with rain.  Just keep those temps warm enough to melt ice for another month at least please!

There was a nice afternoon fog today as I drove home, so I drove onto some country roads to see if I could find any interesting photo with the fog.


Not too bad.  I started with my regular 70 - 300 mm telephoto lens, but as I transferred to my Lensbaby it started pouring.  I tried capturing a few shots from my car with my Lensbaby but I nothing turned out very pretty.  I am still struggling a bit with getting the focus right where I want it with all the bendy options, plus my camera isn't weatherproof so I don't walk out in full on rainstorms.  So my first shot of they day turned out to be the best.

But, the little bit of shooting still made me happy.

See on.

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