Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall is still here.

I took another outing over the noon hour today to McCrory Gardens on the search from some awesome fall colors. I decided not to carry my tripod, and since it was quite windy and slightly overcast, that was a minor mistake.

None of my shots today were as sharp as they could have been.  (But only one was downright blurry, and I did not post that one.)

I am aiming for any bit of uniqueness.  There is a photo challenge on 'Fall Foliage'.  Well, I assume there are going to be 100 photos, mostly excellent, of pretty trees.  So I figure if I can come up something slightly unique I might get a few nods for originality even if my photo isn't perfect.

I came close today, hopefully a trip back tomorrow with a tripod will land me something great!

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