Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I am really starting to have fun with the whole 'photo challenge' thing.  My first photo entry that was judged, the corn/windmill shot, ended up 81st out of 104.  But instead of being sad I kept thinking about all the personal bests I have coming as I improve.   It actually made me almost more excited to keep trying.

But I know I'm capable, I just have to learn how to scout out photos ideas quicker and then get better at pulling them off.  It'll happen.

Take today for instance.  The challenge 'Pink' was announced, pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Many flowers don't look so pretty this time of year, but there are still those pink beauties behind my house.  So I already have my shot and will submit tonight - challenge four accepted and completed!  (You've seen a similar photo before, although the one I'm going to submit is with a regular lens, no Lensbaby.  The shots from a few weeks ago used the Lensbaby.) 

The top two photos are the ones I am choosing between.   I really like them both, but am probably leaning toward submitting the top photo.

This last photo is with my Lensbaby and the wrong manual settings.  (Can we say overexposed?)  But I actually really love how it came out.  It has almost a surreal effect.  I can't wait to print and see how it looks in a frame.

My husband drove me around tonight and we found a neat wagon with pumpkins in it.  Unfortunately I captured nothing particularly good with my Lensbaby lenses so I'll go back tomorrow and try again.  (Hopefully tomorrow anyway, we are due for some torrential rains so fingers crossed we get a dry spell tomorrow afternoon.)

And I am also still watching out for the right shot for the challenge "The beginning of the End."  I'm hoping to find someone harvesting the last of their corn, but other ideas are brewing in my head if that doesn't work out. 

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