Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Windmill II.

My husband was curious about the noise level around windmills, apparently when we move out to the country he wants to have lots of windmills on our property.  But on the news occasionally you hear complaints about the noise they make, so we had to investigate for ourselves. 

We found a route where we got up close and personal with half a dozen or more windmills.  (While managing to stay legally parked and not trespass.)  We were maybe 50 yards from the closest windmill, and we didn't think they were loud at all. I don't think the noise of windmills would even disrupt me sitting right on my porch while reading.  It seemed like rather quiet white noise.

I suppose what I'm not considering is that the white noise would go on ALL THE TIME.  (Taking that into account and they probably would get on my nerves.)   And that light at the top flashing all night might get annoying too.

But they're still cool.   

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