Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More cats.

My poor cats, chased around for days with a camera.  It is a tortured life they lead - NOT.  My husband and I tossing toy mice around the house, waving fabric fish-on-a-stick all around trying to get some nice cat action, talking to them, running around to fetch the mice to retoss. 

Not rough kitties.  The least you could do was give me a big leap, or a smile, or something...

And no.

Unfortunately I'm not a great photographer, and my cats are obviously not interested in posing a bit to help me improve.  But I was able to capture one cute shot of Ellie:

On this third day of trying to photograph these guys I got out my Nikon V1 - which excels at fast continuous shooting.  Turned out there was no need for that speed since the cat did nothing speedy.  Although that was probably a good thing since it turns out that the Nikon V1 is not great in low light.  (I had my external flash unit on, but if I pointed it at the cats the photo was overexposed.  I was constant messing around with the angle of the flash trying to get it right.  But as soon as I had it set the cats would into a different room where the lighting was different, and I would have to switch around the flash angle again.)

I suppose photography is not supposed to be easy.  But in some ways my 'cheap' old tiny camera (the one my husband so kindly dunked in a lake a few times during a canoe trip) took more reliable photos without much work on my part. 

But it's kind of fun having a 'fancier' camera.  (I have to keep telling myself that because I'm having some dust issues right now, which means downtime cleaning.  Yuck.  All because of the interchangeable lenses.  My little camera had more telephoto power than all my current lenses, no cleaning required.)

Right before closing down for the night I got a decent shot of Bailey.

This was actually the shot I submitted for my third photo challenge.  To the photo challenge group which I'm now kind of down about because the group dislikes my photo of the flower in front of the fountain. (The photo is not doing well in the voting.)  I might actually come in last. 

Bailey should do a bit better since this was taken with a 'normal' lens.

See on.  And be happy about things you love despite what others might think.

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