Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall foliage.

It was a gloomy fall day.  There was almost no sun, some rain, and even a few flakes of snow, but I still wanted to see what kind of fall colors I could find.  (Spoiler alert, I had luck!)

The colors in Watertown have pretty much come and gone, but just 80 miles south the leaves are still green.  My husband and I drove down to the Lake Poinsett area, about 20 miles south of Watertown, where I was hoping there might be some wonderful fall reds. 

What I found was a mix of everything from trees with no leaves to trees still green.

And I got a few shots with it all in one photo.

We also drove out to Lake Norden where our timing gave us a sky with some blue, and a huge tree with some nice yellows. 

So despite the less than beautiful weather, I found some pretty shots. 

Luckily I had taken both my Nikon V1 and my Nikon D5100 because the D5100, my DSLR, which should be my better camera, captured me poorer photos all around.  It seemed a bit like the focus was always off.  But it was very windy outside and with the lack of sun maybe I should have used my tripod.  The shutter time was quite slow because of the lack of sun, so combined with the wind, blurriness probably shouldn't have been a shock.  (I also neglected to take along my glasses so properly reviewing my exposures on the tiny little camera screen wasn't successful.)  The Nikon V1 however, GORGEOUS performance.  It is unbelievable fast, even lower light. 

Anyway, a relaxing afternoon indeed. 

See on.

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