Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Playing with lasers...

During several days of solid rain I tried out some 'light painting' just to see what it was like.  I got out my green laser pen, setup my camera on my tripod, and put on a headlamp to make it easier to see in the dark when I needed to mess with my camera's setting.

I focused my 18-55 mm lens on the drapes hanging at the front windows, guessed at some manual settings, and shot away while waving the laser around. 

Hello light!  I probably haven't mentioned that I am not much of an artist.  And after two night's of playing around I have concluded that drawing with light is not any easier than drawing on paper. (Plus I had the red light of my headlamp on during some of these, whoops.)

Yep, that was my best stick person.  It sort of resembles a person.   Perhaps a star will be easier? 
Ah, nope.  But it does look like a star at least.  Now onto a flower.  
Better had I been able to stay within the right area.  Oh, and do you see the little cat tail near the bottom right side?  Both of my cats watched, but were not quite sure what to make of mom's strange actions with their toy.  (This is the laser pen we use to play with the cats, but they were not terribly interested in the laser on the wall.)
Hey, there's a thought.  Maybe I can outline a cat?
That's a no. Note to self, moving targets are not easy to outline with lasers.  (I've been told this looks a bit like a sumo wrestler.  I can see that.  What I don't see is a cat.)

But I got the circle down pat!  (Although another learning curve, the little bumps that you see, those are the bumps in the curtains.) 

So I've got lots of work to do this winter during the darkness.  I have a book coming to help me learn more about light painting.  I am intrigued by the possibilities, especially the types of light painting that don't require highly refined drawing skills.  (There are some neat photographs of light painting with more diffuse light around landscapes and larger scenery, hmmmm.)

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