Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 40. Holiday decorations soon to be stowed away.

Last chance for me to enjoy Watertown's holiday decorations.  Within a week these will all be taken down.  So I had to head out for one last photo shoot to try and capture that holiday spirit.

The uptown (city center) has about twenty or thirty of these black baskets hanging beneath street lights.  Flowers are planted in the baskets in the spring, but apparently in the winter they are left empty.  Except for this one, where I assume the business owner nearest to it filled it with some holiday ornaments.  Nice!  Unfortunately I couldn't get a perfect angle that highlighted the pink ball better.  (The pink ball was kind of ugly when seen head on, not as shiny as the picture here might suggest.  So maybe I got the best possible shot after all?  I certainly played around with lots of different angles.)

Uptown streets after dusk.  Quite empty for 6 pm.

Thanks for indulging my love of all things twinkling.

See on.

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