Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 43. Dock at the boat launch in the winter.

So I spent more time out at the lake.  During the summer it is one of my favorite places to be, and even in the winter there are opportunities for cross-country skiing and kite skiing (which my husband does, I watch). 

I captured the earlier picture of the ice fishing house from the east side of the lake.  I ventured to the north side of the lake for these pictures.  (It is quite a big lake, it is 14 miles to go around the lake.)  On the north side there is a neat camping area with some short hiking trails.  During spring and summer lots of wildlife can be seen.  I figured I would see what I could find today.  I found the dock below.  I love the yellow rails, so I started shooting.

I am learning part of what makes the difference between a photographer who gets good shots and a photographer who gets great shots.  In the picture below, the trees are somewhat distracting.  A better picture might have been from the other side (left side) of the dock, where the view would have had no trees between the dock and the lake.  However, when I went to the other side of the dock and took photos, the setting sun was in front of me and the colored rails only showed up in shadow.  (I had been hoping the sun was set enough that it wouldn't do this, but no such luck.)  So to try for a great picture, I need to go back in the morning when the sun would be behind me and I could shoot the dock from the other side.

I'm not sure my life affords me the luxury of actually get this done, but it's on my list to try for.  But the picture I got still wasn't bad.

Another shot of just the trees with the lake behind them.  I thought the colors of the setting sun were nice.


Ski trip coming up.  I am heading to northern Minnesota, so am looking forward to some different scenery to awaken my senses even more.
See on.

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