Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 50. Last one out.

Another day of smart phone beauties.  The excuse is a rough work deadline leading to a long day.  A day of starting in the dark, and ending in the dark, with no time to escape for a photo lunch break.

But I decided to capture one of the pieces of equipment people always comment on when it is dark in the lab. It is a fat extractor, that glows a bit blue when it runs.

Who doesn't love a glowing blue light?

And just for fun, the empty lab.

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  1. Julee, no excuses needed for using your smartphone to capture photos during the work day. It is hard to take decent photos in the winter when we go to work in the dark. Seeing your group of photos is inspiring me to give it a try. You will really be glad you took the work photos later. I have worked at a number of places and don't have a photo of any of them. You might be interested in another blog that I follow. The gal posts a list of monthly photo prompts and also sends out a daily email with one example of one person's photo. Some great it is about using a doorframe. I took a holiday photography on-line class with her in December that featured lots of information on low-light photography. Really full of tips on improving photography skills for the average person.
    Katrina Kennedy is the person behind the blog.
    If you are interested in more info send me a note at Good luck. I plan to follow your progress. Kristen