Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 53. Whiteout.

What is winter without bitterly cold temperatures and high winds?  It just wouldn't be winter without a bit of this, and this weekend was our weekend.

So it was miserable getting outside.  And as my indoor photography skills are still majorly lacking, I have more fun outside.  Well, maybe not today, but I gave it a try.

To capture some photos today, my sweet husband drove me out to the lake and kept the car warm and running while I battled the wind and snow.  I'm kneeling down, having a hard time holding the camera steady in the 40 mph winds, but I wanted to see if I could photograph the snow moving near the ground.

Not bad.
I was told I needed to try and get a flag in the picture to show how windy it was.  In the upper left hand corner, barely visible, is a blue flag.  Or maybe the lack of visibility and wisps of snow also suggest winds?
If you didn't buy my story about a whiteout before, how about now?  This shot was taken twisting just to the right of the previous pictures.
Outhouse at the Lake.
And just because I thought it was fun...  Unfortunately I never got turned around in time to shoot the outhouse when the snow was blowing like crazy and might have made it a hazier shot.
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