Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 51. Blue night sky.

This evening, as I headed out to get a can of cream of chicken soup to cook tonight's pork chops in, I noticed a wonderful blue night sky right outside of my back door.  I took a couple of hand held shots, but realized I needed a tripod to get a steady shot.  Out came my new (Thanks mom and Lisa!) tripod.  Thanks too to my sweet husband who got me the piston grip ball head for my new tripod.  I was a rotating fool playing with my options.

(Although said husband also laughed as I tried to pull out the legs of the tripod in our skinny, little entryway - I was not definitely not doing it right.)

But it did a beautiful job steadying the picture.  I'm not sure it is a brilliant photo, but I thought it was neat how the tree branches showed up so white.

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  1. Again love that you are posting the story behind the photo. I agree the white tree branches add to the photo. I just got a new mini tripod for Christmas too----a gorillapod--very cool for taking photos almost anywhere. Better give it a try soon too.