Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 49. Trees and Rocks.

First things first.  These are not pictures from today.  However, they are pictures from my weekend trip that I loved, but that didn't seem to fit together with any of the other trip blog postings.  (Plus the first day back at work was rough, and while I did take some pictures today, playing around with some beads - trust me - these pictures were not good.)

But it's my first day looking at these pictures on the computer if that counts for anything.

It probably doesn't.

But they are pictures that gave me some happiness today, and that does count for something.  Especially on a Monday.

 View from the Lutsen Sea Villas.

 Who do you see in this tree? (Taken at Cascade River)

Lake Superior Rocks.
Throughout the drive north of Duluth, all of the rock/granite along the road had these little, frozen waterfalls.  It was neat.  Something I had not noticed before this trip.  (And I've been up to Lutsen at least three times in the winter before, but I'm just now starting to see...) 
I did not choose to photograph them until our drive home.  Since it was zero degrees outside, rather than ask to stop the car and get out, I just rolled down the window and shot action shots while we drove.  (Mostly I was curious what I would get.)  Turned out a couple weren't too bad.
Frozen waterfalls.
See on.

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