Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 52. Cats.

I decided to play with the cats today.  (Plus you know, the internet seems to go crazy for cats.  Or maybe that is just cute cat videos?) 

There is a chair in the living room that one of the cats (Bailey) has claimed, and recently I got a new piece of animal print fabric to protect the chair from the cat fur.  (The chair is a nice dark red, and previously I had this hideous green piece of flannel fabric on the chair.  Just before the holidays I decided it was time for a switch to something more subtle.)

Anyway, I figured I'd put the fabric on the floor and see if I could entice either of the cats to play on the fabric so I could get pictures. 

Did you just laugh a little?  Are you thinking that cats summarily avoid whatever place it is you would like them to be, and what was I thinking?  You would not be wrong.  My lover cat, Ellie, the white cat below, walked very carefully all around the fabric for about 15 minutes.  I tossed toy mice, a plastic helicopter thing, foam balls - which were chased only once they rolled off the fabric.

So I was not having much luck at first.  Then Bailey, the gray cat, suddenly got all into the fabric.  (It is her chair after all, so she was used to laying on the fabric, maybe she just decided it might be safe even on the floor.)  Well, she went crazy with playing with me right where I wanted her.

In the end I got one shot of Ellie, and a bunch of shots of Bailey.  It all worked out.



Playful (and oddly cooperative) Bailey.
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  1. Love the story behind the photos. We too have pets and it is usually a matter of waiting and waiting and waiting to get a decent shot. But your patience absolutely paid off the first shot is great---love the crop. But that second photo is awesome with the fabric as part of the background. Kristen