Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 54. Another world.

So another outdoor photography session during extreme cold and wind.  Once again my husband kept the car running and warm while I stumbled about in the snow. 

At one point I dropped my lense cap and the wind blew it, and blew it, and it rolled and rolled and rolled farther and faster than I would ever have imagined it could of on flat, snow covered ground.  It was not a pretty sight me running after it, although I did finally catch it - getting my pants even snowier than they were to start.  (I like to get down low and often kneel or lay down on the ground to get a picture.  But getting wet clothes in the winter tends to shorten my outings, so I have to really want a shot, or know it's one of the last shots in order to get all snowy.)

This world sculpture is in a Veterans memorial park.  While I like the end product I chose, after about 20 shots, I think an outstanding picture might be getting the right angle one day when a flag was flying on that flagpole you see on the right.  A gentleman stopped by while I was shooting and chatted with my husband briefly - mainly expressing he felt that I could have picked a better day to take a picture - but the gentleman is in charge of a project that will install a cobra helicopter in the memorial park.  How cool is that?

So next spring, this spot will definitely be revisited.

I'm off to Jacksonville, Florida on Monday.  Unfortunately I have some very large binders of data I hav to travel with for work, so my big camera is staying home.  But I'll have my trusty Nikon Coolpix S9100 that has taken outstanding photos at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens, so it should serve me well.  I may have a free half day, can't wait to see what I can find.

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