Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 60. St. Augustine.

So I am posting this is a day late - almost two. I was exhausted from my week of travel, but my husband gave me a but of grief for not posting. And I do have some pictures from a late evening visit to St. Augustine, Fl.

The town is full if lights, and one in our group suggested we stop at the visitor center before wandering around.  My brain was thinking that a visitor center is not open at 10 pm, but I was just along to see something new so went with the flow.

Boy was I surprised to see a visitor center full of people. What a late night town this must be.  Turned out we were kind of crashing an opening party for a Picasso exhibit.  But the hosts were nice and even got us a map if the city and showed us how to get to the beach.

Best quote from the night: "You can't miss the lighthouse because, well it's a lighthouse."

Turns out you can miss a lighthouse when its light is very dim. 

We had a fabulous time wandering around St. Augustine and then getting to the beach at midnight.  (Yeah, I counted these pictures as a separate day from the fish restaurant since the last pictures were taken after midnight.)

A technicality I am totally going with since I am still a bit sleep deprived.

See on.

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  1. Julee, fantastic low light photos--especially like the second photo-interesting angle and cropping and the stained glass window adds a pop of color. My second favorite is the crazy sculpture in the store- just plain fun. And midnight totally works for the next day! Kristen