Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 58. UPS Truck in the Sky.

Fun picture of the day. A full size UPS truck on the roof of a building.  What fun.  It was on a building about a mile from the hotel (Jacksonville Hyatt Riverside). 

I went for a walk after lunch and was surprised at how little was really in downtown Jacksonville.  There was virtually no shopping, and many buildings appeared empty.  There was a very large courthouse and police headquarters/detention center, plus one condominium and several big banks and hotels. But not a lot else.  A few blocks past the police building was a cool Maxwells sign that I liked. So I got a shot of that. 

Then I took a route along the pier back to the hotel where I saw some manatee encounter instructions.  Manatees this far inland?  Interesting.  Or do the boats head out to the ocean and that is why the posted instructions?

See on.

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