Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 48. Minnesota sculptures.

My trip to northern Minnesota provided me lots of excellent scenery.  Trips to Duluth and north of Duluth always fill me with peace and excitement.  (It seems weird that those words go together, but they do for me in this setting full of trees and wildlife and the largest of large lakes - Lake Superior.) 

Since sculptures are among my favorite things, I felt the need to stop and photograph those I saw.  The first two are in Foley, Minnesota, and the last picture, with three sculptures, was north of Lutsen, Minnesota.

Glorious creations like these always remind me how awesome some people are to create interesting things to brighten the days of other folks.  (I imagine there are lots of people aside from just me who love seeing things like this?)

The pictures are not wonderful examples of photography.  The first two photos were taken at near zero degrees, so I hurried A LOT, and didn't try to eliminate the distracting backgrounds items.  The last picture was taken in the rain and fog.  Rain and fog that lasted all day long.  (But I figured better to have a picture of the memory than not.) 

I hope you enjoy too.


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  1. So fun. We take photos of funky art too:)