Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 10. Bendy and green.

So, for those of you keeping count, my 365 day challenge is going to take me a few extra days.  I've missed two days already...

Life has just proven too chaotic to find a picture I want to take every single day.  And I've decided that rather than simply have my goal be taking a picture, any picture, every day, that I actually want my goal to be to look for pictures that excite me, and help remind me of the amazingness of life.

I still maintain my goal of looking for a picture every day, but for those days when a 30 minute search is all I have time for, and when nothing catches my eye on those days of little free time, I'd rather not just shoot and post whatever happens to cross my path.

I know there are some who would be able to find something every day, even in a short time, but apparently I'm not at that point yet.  Others might say I'm not meeting the spirit of a 365 day challenge.  But at the end of my 'year' I want to have a neat collection of photos.  

Today I drove north of town just to see what I could find.  (The irony of today's picture is that I found this spot out-of-town with just a 12 minute drive...)  I turned off onto a road where I'd never been before, and at one intersection was this dramatic branch.  I got a few shots showing the complete branch, but as I went to leave I saw a bit of green moss.  At least I think it's moss.  So I put on my telephoto lense and got a close up. 

I'm a total fan of close-up photography, and I think I did good with the second shot below.  What do you think?

Big bendy branch on the prairie.
Color found!  (It is so brown this time of year, that this bit of color was definitely a highlight.)

See on!

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