Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 20. The star.

I noticed this neat Christmas light a few days ago, but on my drive home I kept passing the interstate exit where this farm was. Today I remembered to get off the interstate, and there was still enough light left for me to get a successful picture. 

I love the solitary holiday light.  A light shining all alone, all the way on top of a silo.  It evokes a fabulous North Star/Silent Night kind of feeling for me.

At my house, my husband keeps a red light lit in attic -  he figures it's spooky for Halloween, and then it's a holiday color appropriate for Christmas.  Not sure the effect from our one light equals this. 

Once again I'm stumped by which picture I like better, so I posted two.  I was hoping the zoom view below would be cool because I was closer.  But to get closer, my perspective changed such that I couldn't get the whole silo.  (Also, in the first picture I played around in Photoshop adding the 'lomo camera effect' which I thought added a cool factor.) 

While my brain keeps wanting to always like close-ups more, I really prefer the picture with the full scene, cows and all.

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