Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 18. Bright.

Last summer, one of the houses in our neighborhood was repainted.  Well, actually I assume a number of houses were repainted, but only one that was crazy noticeable.  I actually kind of like the color of the house, frankly because of its brightness.  I think it's rather a happy color.  When life is gray and gloomy, as it can be for days at a time around here, this home owner gets to come home to sunshine each and every day.

Also, since the yellow house didn't exactly feel like a artsy shot, below is my new favorite pine tree.  It's kind of skinny and awkward, probably gets made fun by all the other full and marvelously large pine trees.  But it seems like one of a kind.  Plus I thought it looked cool full of snow.

And his more majestic friends...

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