Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 15. Farmland mystery.

Another great find from a random wandering.  I have to talk with my farm friends at work about the picture though, because I can't figure out an explanation for what the metal object is.  Maybe it is a common farm thing?  Regardless, it is a cool copper color, with lots of geometry going on - so awesome! 

But why is it there?  It's like a cover or a grate, maybe a gate or ladder.  The barb wire is even cut to accomodate the metal piece.   But I am baffled. 

Still love it though.

And it is now snowing.   No more pictures of brown landscape.  (At least it should be too cold for this snow to melt...)  I can't wait to see what neat picture I can find tomorrow in my world full of white!

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