Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 23. Small town zoo.

I love animals.  And I love visiting zoos.  I suppose this interest has waned a bit as an adult, although I will still visit a zoo in a city I'm traveling to if the zoo is open during hours when I have free time.  (Which, since I travel primarily for work nowadays, free time is usually only in the evenings, and the zoos tend to be closed so I don't get to go - darn it.)

But in the town where I live, we actually have a small zoo.  I decided it was time to visit just to see what was there.  (It was in the back area of the zoo where the red and green wagon, one of my pictures from last week, was sitting, and I was kind of hoping I could get closer to the wagon rather just having the one picture that I took with my lense in the hole of the chain link fence.)

It turns out that my local zoo is kind of neat.  I suppose since it is winter, maybe 1/3 of the animals were not out - no lemurs or penguins for me to see today.  And the wagon was actually further out of view from inside the zoo than from that bike trail behind the zoo where I captured the original wagon picture.  But I still got a couple of neat pictures.

There were two, young bengal tigers who were awesome.  They totally wanted to 'play'.  I suppose they don't see many people in the winter, so any action is exciting.  But they were sure interested in me.

Condor - awesome ugly.

I frankly couldn't believe the excellent color and detail in this photo of a lionfish.  (Too bad I cut off his tail fin.)

And since Christmas is almost here, I figured I should add a picture of reindeer.

Not pictured yet - bald eagles, foxes, buffalo, panther, black bear, hawks, cockroaches and of course the missing lemurs and penguins.  So even from the small zoo, there is more for me to go back for someday.

See on.

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