Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 28. Glitter bubble bust.

I found a picture I loved on one of the DP Challenges that I thought would be perfect to try and reproduce.  The guy who submitted, even gave directions on what he did.  I had planned ahead and bought colored paper and glitter, and was sure I was ready to go.  Easy peasy right?  That would be 'no'.

The address of the photo that provided my inspiration is above.  My implementation involved standing on a chair in our dining room aiming at the floor, a cake pan, black construction paper, water, olive oil, and several colors of glitter.  I forgot the instructions in my inspiration photo mentioned balsamic vinegar - but I'm not sure I can tell exactly what the balsamic added to the photo, so I dont' feel my picture lacked because I didn't have that.  I also did not have the multiple flashes that were mentioned, but I had brought down a desk lamp.  The whole process took me about an hour.  There were multiple attempts at making the bubble the right size.  This involved scooping out water and olive oil with a measuring cup, and at one point dumping the whole mess outside and starting over. 

My main problem was my bubble was a yucky yellowish shade.  Upon reflection, I suppose my lighting was probably the issue.  When I played with my shots in photoshop, I was able to create some color that I liked, but my pictures still do not have the same feel as my inspiration photo. (I also had too much glitter, and the glitter pieces were too large.)

Ah well, not all photos can be winners. 

Here is one I actually liked, not touched up, but I had busted the big bubble up and was swirling everything around.  (Which, in case you want to try and you have cats - cats think this is awesome fun.)

My bubble with photoshop color enhancement.

My bubble untouched.

My bubble in cartoon mode after a cat paw was introduced.

Not much else to say.  I tried.  I had fun.  The cats had fun.  We only have a few olive oil stains on the wood floors...

See on.

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