Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 11. Bridge. Or new home of my lense cap.

I'm (unfortunately) the kind of person who can get so wrapped up in thinking about something, that I forget about everything else.  Once this led to my visiting Wal-mart with my pants on inside out.  I noticed after I had been shopping for like 15 minutes, and then I stood stymied in the DVD aisle trying to figure out exactly how to remedy the situation.  Another time in the grocery store, I noticed I had my coat on inside out.  High class right?   (I honestly try very hard to prevent things like this.)

Well, this ability to think about just one thing at a time also leads to trouble with losing things.  If I'm thinking too hard about a project at work, or about travel plans for the weekend, and I happen to take my glasses off  somewhere random - a massive search will be required to find them later on. 

Last week I lost one of my camera lense caps, but didn't notice until a few days later when I went to switch camera lenses.  I had no idea where I might have lost it.  Luckily, since I only have two lenses, and one is always on the camera, and this lenses cap covered the part of the lense that connects to the camera, I only need one at a time, and the loss wasn't a big concern. 

To prevent constant losses of things like car keys and cell phones, I use routines, and I have specific places where everything belongs.  (Car keys, for example, go either in my pocket, in the designated spot on my work desk, or in the key bowl at home.  Sometimes my husband drives my car, and I get a little panicky as soon as we get home about getting my keys back so they can be in the 'right' spot.)  My routine with lense caps is to put them in my back pants pocket. 

During the outing where I captured this neat, old bridge, I managed to lose another lense cap.  I noticed within about 10 minutes, and I had only stood in two places during the time I could have lost it.  I went to retrieve the cap from my back pocket, and realized in horror, that this back pocket had a button - yet I hadn't opened a button to put the cap in. 

So the only thing I can figure is that I went through the motions of putting the lense cap in my pocket, only to drop it on the ground behind me. 

Nice!  (If the good Lord watches me, I bet I give him a good laugh sometimes.)

And despite a twenty minute search of the field and street around the bridge, no lense cap was found.  A search of the car and camera bag also came up empty.  Some nice old guy, who was curious what I was doing, said that at least it should be cheap to replace.

Oh, but the search of my car did turn up the first lense cap I lost, so that was a plus.  (It had fallen between the seats.)

So here is the bridge.

Adding injury to insult, I am not sure I really love any of the pictures.  (These were my best two.)  But maybe I'm just bitter about my loss.  Thank goodness Amazon will happily send me a replacement lense cap for $8.99.
And yes, I realize this not really a bridge bridge, it's for water drainage.  But it is still some pretty fancy concrete work for water drainage.


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