Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 33. Cowboy.

I had a day where I found little that inspired me.  We had a nice snow over the course of the day, and I had almost an hour of daylight after work to go photographing, but still I did not capture anything that really moved me.

However, since finding a photo a day is still the goal, and I'm working to accept that they won't all feel like great pictures, I am sharing two that I shot today. 

We have two gas stations that have giant cowboy statues in front of them, and I always thought they would make a good picture.  (And I'm sure they would on a day with interesting light, or maybe during a more active snow.)  But here is what I got.  It was enhanced a bit with lomo camera effect in photoshop.  From my reading, some 'expert' photographers use photoshop with every photograph, so maybe it's not cheating so much after all?

I have also been intrigued by a local grain elevator.  It has some neat colorings.  Again, I didn't feel great success by the shot, but here is my favorite of those I did get today.

Wishing you inspiration during the new year!
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