Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 29. Old Uptown Clock.

The town where I live has an 'uptown' as opposed to a 'downtown'.  I tried googling around, but found no definitive definition for uptown.  And none of the discussions described any reasoning that could explain why our little city decided to have an 'uptown'.  Uptown, in Watertown, is just the same as any 'downtown' you might be familiar with from other small cities.  It is six or eight blocks of small commercial outfits, quaint, and not particularly modern.  Our uptown has restaurants, bars, two bicycle shops, one hardware store, one fabric shop, two furniture stores, a bank, clothing shops, a candy shop, and more. 

Uptown Watertown also has a  neat, old clock.  It stands right along a walkway.  Definitely unusual.  Definitely cool.

A slightly different view shows more of uptown.

Most of the year I would have been able to get a shot that was completely free of cars.  But even the small, uptown merchants get busy during the days right before Christmas. 

Happy holidays,

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