Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 34. Old barn.

Another random drive out-of-town and I stumbled upon a neat scene with an old barn. 

One challenge I've noticed with winter photography is the increased difficulty in finding a place to park to get pictures.  With snow, there is often no place to just pull off the road.  I have passed up a number of photos I might have enjoyed taking because I could find no reasonable place to leave the car.

For this shot I was on a very rural road, and at a four way stop there was sufficient room to pull my car about 2/3 of the way off the road.  I was taking photos around 4 in the afternoon, and even though I was five or six miles out of town, I was surprised at the amount of traffic.  There must have been one or two cars constantly moving through the whole time I was shooting.

But I was still fairly pleased with the result. 

I liked the large number of hay bales, seen with a different angle.

See on.

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