Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 27. Happy Holidays.

I took the easy way out today with the season appropriate, but not terribly original, lighted evergreens.  I took a number of shots, with two lenses.  Each lense was tried with and without flash.  (I was doubtful that flash would matter since the tree was a good 15 or 20 feet away - but flash made a ton of difference.)

My husband and I disagreed on our favorites - so I'm posting both.  (Plus a likable third.)

My favorite.  70 - 300 mm lense at 70 mm, flash on.  I liked seeing more of the white snow.

My husband's favorite.  70 - 300 mm lense at 70 mm, flash off.  He liked the blue sky and the greater shine of the holiday lights.  On the black of the blog page I do enjoy this photo as well.  With the black border maybe the first picture isn't a clear winner anymore?

And a runner-up, the whole scene.  18 - 55 mm lense at ~18 mm, flash on.

Kind of blissful. 
See on.

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