Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 22. Windmills at sunrise.

As winter has progressed, and the days have gotten shorter, my hour long drive to work has provided me with numerous colorful sunrises and sunsets.  Also on my drive are a group of windmills, to the east, about halfway to work, off in the distance.

But having the most colorful part of the sunrise meet up with the windmills at just the right part of my drive has been a challenge.  Friday morning everything aligned.

I exited the interstate and drove about a mile closer to the windmills, but they were still probably 10 miles away.  (Someday perhaps I will have a more leisurely life, where I can drive all the way to the windmills and not feel the pain of having to extend my workday to make up for the delay in arriving to work.)  But for now, it was enough that I did something, and took a little time, to get the picture I wanted.

No photoshop involved here, and these colors aren't quite as vibrant as they were in real life, but it's still a decent representation for what I saw.

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